Debug The Api is a simple but powerful tool for developers to build and analyze datas from http request based apis. Finding apis' changes (maybe bugs) and rebuild models in a quick way is what Debug The Api attend to do.There also special function for Objective-C and JAVA developers, which is, generating source code of data models and api calling method code.Everything will be done just as easy as you can imagine in order to save those times spent on looking for errors of returned datas in plenty lines of log and writing data model code inflexibly.

Project Management

Project Management

  • Multi projects workspace
  • Apis folder
  • Beans folder
  • Quick search
Project Management

Bean Modeling

  • One click generating from JSON
  • Independent Property editor
  • Visual tree editor in Mapping Panel
  • Nesting model supported
Project Management

Api Runner

  • Get/Post datas Editor
  • Response raw datas viewing
  • Multi parameter groups
  • Multi api results
Project Management

Mapping Engine

  • Visual tree mapping panel
  • Compare existing beans with apis' return datas
  • Rebuild model with simple operation
Project Management

Export Engine

  • Bean models to Objective-C/JAVA source files
  • Api to Objective-C/JAVA source file